Print size

Hi! I am trying to create a menu using one of the many restaurant menu templates you have. I currently use Illustrator and there are some great illustrator templates. I mostly use Illustrator for flyers and online graphics, not print. I noticed that all of the templates I looked at were all really funky sizes. How do you print these? Some were so big I couldn’t find any place that offered that size of paper to print. And then just funky sizes that did not match any printing places paper size. What am I missing? How do I get a template for a size that I can actually print?

If u got vector file template, u just need to resize it to match perpectly with any size you want.
Many print template item on envato have diferent size and variation, and ussually they come with “help-file” to guide u using the template.
But, if you really really need that ready to print and fit with your size, you can ask the seller to create aditonal file on the item he sell