Pricing tables 2.1

How to get the new Pricing Tables 2.1 plugin to install.
I downloaded it and then attempted to upload it with the plugin auto installer but, each time it says:

Unpacking the package…
Installing the plugin…
The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
Plugin installation failed.
Return to Plugin Installer

I then attempted to upload it using FileZilla and it uploaded fine as a zip file but it doesn’t show up in the plugins listing in my admin
So, I unzipped it and uploaded it that way and it didn’t help.

Now what?

Sounds like you are trying to install the wrong folder.

Only use the plugin folder and not the entire download

I’ve never had this problem before…normally download a plugin that is a zip file
go to admin Upload plugin…select zip file to upload and install
It then installs it.
Beyond that I’m at a loss as to what is the plugin and what isn’t or shouldn’t be included…you only get one zip file.

You have to install the plugin zip not the full download zip. Please unzip the main full download (All files & documentation) and then locate the installable plugin file within it. Luckily most developers clearly label their files, so it should be pretty easy to find. Thanks