Pricing for members vs non-members for items

I was not logged into, I was interested in an item purchase. I logged in and the price was the same. I thought there was a benefit of being a MEMBER. Can someone in MGMT or the forum explain what the actual benefit of a paid membership is. It’s an annual $200+ fee?

Subscription is for unlimited downloads from NOT the main marketplaces like videohive.

Some items are on obth, some are exclusive to one or the other.


Thanks Charlie, We’d sure like to see some pricing benefits for everything, not just “elements.” Even if it’s per marketplace that there’s an added membership fee. Thanks again for the quick response!

It’s difficult because the model/benefits are already different between elements and the main marketplaces and if envato added furtherbenefits to the main marketpalces then it would confuse thigns more

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Hey Charlie, thanks… The next obvious question then is, Do you think you could point me to where I can learn about the benefits of membership in

So there’s no specific/paid for membership to the main marketplaces (videohive,themeforest, graphicriver etc) other than joining envato generally.

For buyers:

  • When you buy from the main marketplace you get lifetime access (as long as an item is listed), updates, and support for six months, etc.

  • When you buy the subscription, there is no support, no guarantee of updates, and you have to be actively subscribed when you complete any project using the item you have downloaded. You cannot stockpile for future use, or use items for new projects once you have unsubscribed.

For authors:

  • In the main marketplace where there is more demand on them, they get a % of the sale. Envato Market Terms | VideoHive

  • In elements, where there is less demand due to no support etc. all contributors share a % of the overall volume of marketplace downloads. About — Envato Elements

If envato were to introduce another level of discount for members to the main marketpalces then it would be hard to differentiate and further dilute the likelihood of full item purchases which would be detrimental to authors and reduce the likelihood of them producing content which causes everyone to lose.

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