Prices limit

This is why I think themeforest and graphicriver (and in general, any market in which authors can set their own prices) they should have a maximum limit at which a price can be set:

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I am setting my 2 scripts to 1000000 $. Any interested? :slight_smile:

And why would you like to see a limit?

Every author is allowed to set their own prices, however they see fit. These are the rules, and everyone has a right to change their prices.

Now, from authors point of view, here’s my logic.

You build a great file, that is logically priced around XX$ like other files of it’s sort. Then you go ahead and price it XXXXXX$ and therefore destroy it’s sales. You commit product suicide while making the buyers think you’re a joker and go on searching for other items. No advertising, no new sales, and everyone else that didn’t mess with their prices make awesome sales.

Therefore, let the market be variable, let people commit item suicide. It’s in your best interest, in other terms, the competition is shooting themselves.

PS: I removed your images. No need to advertise items like that.

  1. To not allow the authors to trick the system. 2) To keep the market accurate. And fair.

What’s the sense of setting the price for your item at $ 123456? Or anything else whithout a limit? I would love to know.

The sense is that you are free to set whatever price you like for your work, that’s the idea behind author driven pricing.

And I don’t see the system being tricked by these high prices, the market dictates the general pricing, if you take a look at the top sellers from each category you will see that the prices are quite similar. I welcomed the change to the pricing system and I’d hate to see any restrictions placed on it.

Because of the competition law / anti-trust laws and many other things. A market that allows price changes cannot have limits.

As I said, let them commit portfolio suicide. It doesnt affect you, me, or any serious author. Only “joke” priced item will suffer and set the precendent of “if this guy is doing this who knows what other prices he’ll set or what support he’ll give”

Let them be, move on to serious stuff. :yum: my 2 cents as an author! :blush: