Price&Type of license

Hi! I want you to tell me a bit.

Mexico seems to have bought my track for a high price. It is glad!:blush:

On my Statement page, the track named Brave was sold at the Music Broadcast & Film License of 243.20 and paid 133.76 Author Fee, Amount increased by $ 109.44.

But, there is no $ 243.20 license [link removed by mod]

The type of license in this page is as follows.
$19 Music Standard
$38 Music Broadcast(1 Million)
$76 Music Mass Reproduction
$152 Music Broadcast(10 Million)
$304 Music Broadcast & Film

Which is the Music Broadcast & Film License of $ 243.20?:thinking:
Embarrassing if it is an elementary question. :cold_sweat: :scream:

Hello! The non-exclusive author % of the sale is lower. $109.44 : $3.04= 36%

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You need to minus the buyers fee from the list price. List price is the item price plus the buyers fee. You never see the list price on your statement, just the item price, once the buyers fee has been taken… so you’ll never see $304, or $19 etc etc. $243.20 is the item price.

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Thanks for your kind reply!

“Music Broadcast & Film License” displayed on Brave’s page is 304 $, but on the Statement page it says that it is sold at “Music Broadcast & Film License” for $ 243.20. Why is that? so, I was confused.

But thanks to you, I understood that 36% of $ 304 is $109.44 dollars. I see!

I accept 36%:cold_sweat: because this track is also sold on Japanese sites, but I will try hard on uploading new tracks to exclusive accounts.:smiley:

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I got it!:laughing:
Not only Author Fee but also buyers fee. I had forgotten it.
It is not displayed. I see!

I appreciate your wonderfully clear explanation.:heart_eyes:

Congrats on getting the big license! Your track is great!

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Thank you! Thank you!
Actually I am exciting about big license.:laughing:
This track is selling well in the Japanese market, but In AudioJungle, tracks with less melody seem to be popular, so I was worried that my style is acceptable.

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By the way.
The page link included in the first post has been deleted.
It was the page of this track.
The link automatically disappears. Hmm.:thinking:

Actually, no, the moderator deleted the link. It is forbidden to link to your own items on the forums as this is considered self-promotion.


Oh My Buddha!:scream:
I do not know that. I’m very very sorry.
I am a newcomer at AudioJungle. I will learn more from now.
Thank you dear!

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no worries :wink: