Previously Hard Rejected item: reason for hard reject?

Get a hard reject today with the reason: Previously Hard Rejected item

But i completely changed the color scheme, style, graphic, all pages in the WordPress theme. Rebuild from scratch - only texts the same.

The website:

Any suggestions?

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It looks very nice. But, WordPress theme reviewers don’t accept all themes. I don’t know the reason.


I had a similar experience with one of my themes, it was insta rejected with the same message “Previously Hard Rejected item”

After i did a good amount of changes i uploaded the item with a new “thumb image 80x80” and new “590x300 banner” so the reviewer will know there are important differences between the last versions.

Personally i keep the old versions live until approved, for example: then my final version is and comment to the reviewer there are major improvements comparing the old theme.

With respect, speaking in terms of design, your theme is a 6 or 7 of 10, there is still space for improvement: (the menu looks quite old with that dots), typos can be improved as well: the forms too: Avoid using text-decoration underline for links and use italic only when needed: I’m using a Full HD monitor, but i think some regular texts are too large in terms of hierarchy.

Hope my experience and comments will help you!

Thank you for helpful tips! I will improve these problems.

Best regards