Previews not working correctly

This is driving me mad. If I preview three or four previews on the VH site, at some point, in either FF or Chrome, all previews quit working and I simply get the buffering icon in the preview box. I have to close the browser and reopen to get the previews to work again. Any answers to help?

I am using W10x64b, 64g ram, 1080TI, and again, this happens on FF or Chrome. I have disabled AV while testing my difficulty and all patches and drivers are up to date. I can’t think its a popup blocker issue. I suppose it may be an issue with me choosing not to allow video to autoplay maybe? Again, it works on the first few previews I choose to view then the previews simply stop working. I don’t think its a buffer full error. headscratch


Interesting…I am the only one facing this issue? Ok, I will see what might be causing the loading problem more on my end. Tracert and ping are not indicating anything.

What address are you testing against with tracert/ping? Can you try

I just sent a ping to that address without difficulty or timeouts. THe avg ttl was 42ms to 119ms. Interesting variance but I have some background processes running which may be causing some traffic. Our ISP just changed last summer which seems to coincide with this problem but I cannot think that would be an issue although I know they use a different node since my hops changed to common sites I used to visit. I just tried to restart the browser in safe mode to eliminate plugin interference. No luck. To explain it better, I view three or four previews and then the server throws up and refuses to load any further unless I restart (which is set up to clear cache by default). After trying to load the page…spinning and thinking about it, the page finally caught up about a minute after trying to refresh (not reload browser). This is the only site (that I know of) that displays this behavior. No other sites are open when visiting. Hmm, now that I am thinking of it, I wonder if my codec pack is causing some type of conflict maybe?

Perhaps you can try using dev tools in Chrome or Firefox to see what part of the network process is getting stuck?

For example clicking on a request under Network will reveal a Timing tab:


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Allen, good suggestion. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. So, doing some basic logic and debugging I figured out in the most rudimentary way that with Kaspersky checking certificates of sites, these checks were failing during a handoff from Google. There is an issue with the way that previews seem to load from S3, how Google Analytics sniffs your footprint, and how VH then loads the video. Once a video preview tried to load which (I believe) failed certificate validation), the whole page load ground to a halt. If I were smarter, or had more time to devote to figuring out the issue, I would think through this a little more. White-listing VH for tracking seemed to limit the occurrences, and then fully disabling AV (which I thought I had done at some point) rectified the problem for the most part. This makes more sense as I observed the problem happens less with Chrome–which being a Google product might be coded to allow tracking more freely. Since I turn off tracking in most every browser and app, this is a case of the pages not loading correctly and functionality being limited. I guess I just have to agree to allow Google and Envato track my every move on the site if I want to preserve functionality. Blah.