Previewing presentations

I am browsing Powerpoint templates and pretty much all of them purport to have between 50 and 150 slide types, but all of the single screenshots show a maximum of 10.

Why is there not a preview to allow me to figure out which ones are worth trying for my needs ? Am I missing something ?

Is my only option to subscribe to the unlimited elements service and download any and all powerpoint templates ? What does that mean for licencing if I do that ? Is it allowed ?

Thanks, Craig

  1. Elements is not accessible to ‘any and all’ - it is only to those included in the elements market.

  2. Most PPTs we’ve bought shows all slides if you click the preview image. Have you got an example of the issue you are having?

Here is an example;

It states “50 unique slides” but the preview image isn’t clickable, I don’t think any of them are ? So I can only guess from the 2 screenshots in the image itself what the other 48 slides are like.

BTW, when I say “any and all”, I mean any and all powerpoint templates on the Elements unlimited subscription (I think there are 891 of them). It’s the only way I can see of actually knowing what I am going to get

Not a finite solution but if you find the same item on the main marketplace the full slides should be there


Thanks for the suggestion, certainly worth a try, even though it’s a pain!