preview thumbnails should be twice bigger at least?!

What do you think? The current 50x50 or 80x80 I don’t remember right now, is so small that only a penny could fit. Sometimes thumbnails are the most important factor to realize what a product does, and the space currently is so limited to show whats going on, that disables you from going and purchase the specific product at the end. I believe lots of products have been lost because of this, and I believe this should be changed to at least double size… You have to choke yourself to do a 80x80 thumbnail while for example you have 50 patterns, its not good.

Since all the thumbnails are already uploaded at 80x80 for years now it is nearly impossible to change it. This means all authors need to re-upload all thumbs again.

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this is true what u are saying , though , let’s face it , we all know that it hurts the commerciality of best items and that a lot of people without daring saying it are considering that this system of super small previews are not doing any favor to sales indeed

the real problem is that even for a thumbnail, they ask u to go through reviewing system, this is what makes the change nearly impossible … if not people would change the thing on their own for their already approved items and this would be it …

I think you can change the thumbnail without review. I tried once and it works. Only the Main Preview image, Preview Image set and Main Files require review.

They already did it to the long preview images, and I had to shrink 3 years old items, which they didn’t even fit in the new size so they just cut it off. without a warning message in your profile. And they could auto scale the thumbnails. this would be less harmful

Agree with the thumbnail problem.Also,why it looks like is created with a low res?I’ve seen better on other marketplaces where the thumbs looks so clear.