Preview set bug with new item


Hi guys and welcome to my exciting first topic on the new forums. :gift_heart:

So there seems to be a problem with preview sets on new items? My latest item the preview set isn’t showing, and uploading it again didn’t help. There’s an error page when you try to delete it. Has anyone noticed this happening on their items? I’m talking GraphicRiver, in case that’s not clear. :smiley:

P.S. these emoticons are going to be very useful, I approve. :cd: :vhs: :floppy_disk: :phone: :toilet: :smiley:


Hi, Martin l will let you know, by tomorrow, (hopefully one l submitted will go through)?

But it occasionally happens with mine and others, (l would clean your browser junk).

Yes, l have to admit that the new emoticons are easier to use!

:sunglasses: :palm_tree: :tropical_fish: :clock230: :airplane:


They seem to be a set that was made in 1999 though. :smiley: :bikini: :palm_tree: :dromedary_camel:


I don’t think this is a clear the cache type of situation, whatever device I look at the item on the preview set isn’t showing up.


Ok, l seem to be having a reply no icons is showing up top, issue, hope it works soon?

:disappointed_relieved: :sunglasses:


hi Marin, i don’t know, for me, with my last item , i did not have any problem indeed … maybe u should try to contact the help center, maybe that’s an isolated issue …


Hi Nico, I’ve contacted support so hopefully it’ll get fixed. :moyai: :8ball: :mortar_board:


i hope so Martin :slight_smile: