Preview Screenshots Size App


Hello !

I have a little question for the community.
I sell apps, and the question is about the Preview Screenshots size.

At this time, when the customer click on the Preview Screenshots, the image is really big, and get off the screen.
The user need to scroll, and i don’t want that.

So my question is, which size i need for the Preview Screenshots, to see them without scrolling ?

Thx a lot !


Well, depends if the user is on a big monitor(1920x1080) or a laptop(1366x768) or bigger/smaller devices.

Envato use magnific-popup to show the screenshots so:

Magnific container width is set to 85%, and on 1920x1080 you can use a height @960px and for 1366x768 you can use @600px height.



Thx a lot andrewdevelopments !