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My project was approved but there is no project on the main page, who has the same problem?

Newly accepted items typically take a little while to show up. It’s a caching issue. Check back in a little while and it will be there.

I had similar problem few months ago. My project appeared on the main page only after 5 hours, and was already on the second page :expressionless:

passed 4 hours, the project is not on the main page

Your item is the 4th one down in the After Effects list. It’s visible, and users have already been commenting on it. It’s also right there on the main page when you sort by the AE category.

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The same with the Motion Graphics category. I don’t see my video on the main page right now

Depending on how quickly items are reviewed, certain items may not spend much time on the front page. Motion Graphics are reviewed at a pretty fast pace, so relying on front-page exposure isn’t a great strategy for generating sales.

Hi, my project continues to have problems, my project does not appear on any page, what happened?

I’m not really sure what you mean. Not only does this project already have 2 sales, your project is the #1 listing when searching “car”, and is currently on page 2 of the After Effects Project category. Customers are finding it, so visibility doesn’t appear to be an issue!

my project should be on page 2, but it is not on page 2

my project was displayed on 1 page, but now it is not on 1, 2, 3, 4 pages

Please view this screenshot:

See the screenshot I posted above. :slight_smile:
It’s definitely on page 2. If it weren’t visible, how would customers be purchasing it?

I have nothing

my project was on 1 page, it was bought, but now my project has disappeared

Your project is definitely visible on the marketplace, but if you feel there may be a technical glitch, you’re always welcome to open a ticket with Envato Support.

I’ve searched with “car” keyword and i saw your item at #1 in Best match and #2 in Newest items

Hi MotionRevolver
I Have same problems My project was approved 3 hours age but there is not appear on any page
I checked on backdated page also
But 3 comment on my item so I can’t understand what happened
I Think it is bug please fix this
Thank you

Yes same problem in my item

Your item shows up on both the front page, and After Effects Project lists: