Preview images and preview footage comes in horrible quality !!!

Please have a look at this latest item i have uploaded. preview image captured in the mid of frames, and movie looks over compressed.
Another issue is to update (or fix) item takes a lot of effort as it opens in “old” update form, where i need to re-upload whole files all over again even (in new form i just upload .mov file and thats it). When the new “update” EDIT form will be released?

As well another issue which i mentioned 2-3y ago. When video authors have 20-50 items in the queue it’s hard to remember where is what. It would be nice to have at least 80x80px small photo of the item in the queue . As once we upload, we change the file name to title which is more keyword relevant.

Preview looks fine to me… but when you’re updating your item, you only need to upload what you’re changing.