Preview Images and Ad Blockers

We’ve heard from a few authors that their preview images can sometimes be blocked by ad blockers. We’ve added in a section about this in our help centre article which you can read here.

Our advice is to keep your item preview image file names simple (eg. ‘Preview1’) as some words or phrases in your file name could be confused with advertisements. For further information, and examples of words that are often blocked, EasyList is a good reference.


Hi @steve_lam,

Is there any plans to do something with item titles like ‘ItemName - Keyword’ (search for ‘photography’ for example to understand what I mean). As I know it’s against item title guidelines.

Hi @kotofey, is this on ThemeForest? If so, when I search for Photography I only saw one item title violation, the rest seem to be ok as they only have ‘photography’ used once in their title.

Hi @steve_lam, it’s not about keyword stuffing. I’m talking about this: * You must specify in your title if the item is a WordPress Theme or a HTML/Email/PSD Template.. Regarding this it’s not allowed to use titles like ItemName - Keyword.

Thanks @kotofey, I’ll pass this info on to the correct team :slight_smile:

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