Preview Image Set not showing?

Hi, I’ve uploaded my last xmas item, but forgot to add the preview set of images, which should be visible after You click the main preview image.

So I waited until the item was approved and today I updated it and uploaded the It doesn’t take long and the update has been approved by the reviewer (I can also see it in History tab), but when I open the item on GR, nothing has changed and I can’t click the main image to open the preview set images. It has been almost 1 hour from now, so my question is:

Do I need to wait or is there any bug?

Thank You


I had same problem too, after my item was approved, I updated my items as I wanted to clean and improve preview images set, my item was approved by reviewer but there was nothing changed it yet. So I contacted to Envato Support about issues but they didn’t help us and replied very delayed.after 5 days.

Yes there is a bug.

hi did u try to test on another browser or computer?

Well, I’ve tested it in FF, IE and Chrome - doesn’t show, but didn’t try another PC, but I don’t think it will work on other computers.

You can try it in my portfolio - it is the newest item (christmas bundle).

I’ve also tried to update it once again with the message to the reviewer to check it, actually waiting in the queue.

Ok, solved. After I’ve updated the second time, it works :wink:

it is working now, I can see it:

Yes it works, so if You will ever have the same problem, just update it once again with the message to the reviewer :wink:

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cool, happy for you :wink: