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Hi, this message is mostly for envato staff, since I tried to contact them, but no reply. The problem that authors are having is compressed / bad quality preview image. We have to upload minimum 1920x1080, 2560x1440 is recomended, and then videohive automatically resize’s it to 590x332. Then what’s the point of uploading 2560x1440?

That wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t so heavily compressed.
Compare the difference:


VideoHive compression:

I understand that preview video needs to be compressed (even though I don’t understand why we cannot upload 1920x1080 preview video in 2019), but to compressed preview image? How in the world can we present quality of the video piece and details if at least preview image is not good quality.

By the way, I’m here for quite some time on videohive, this did not happen before, since elements this is in action. You just CANNOT save space/storage on these kind of things.

Staff, please reply.

It’s all «Updated File Uploader»
I raised this issue in February. @steve_lam answered me that they will deal with this problem.
Comparing my new and old Preview Images, I see that the problem has been resolved. Image has compression, but not too much. Although in your images I see that compression really worsened the quality. Most likely because your image has a texture.
It would be nice if Preview Image is not compressed at all. Envato could just set a size limit of 200KB or 300KB or 400KB…

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It looks worse on Elements.

This topic was discussed on Elements part of the forum. But nobody cares. The whole video category on Elements looks like crap.

Fun fact that this whole “story” began due to Elements. The words:

“In addition, high resolution preview images are a really important indicator of the quality and subject of the item for subscribers and reviewers.”

Still pisses me off.


Unfortunately, this is envato how I know it. This will never get fixed, I’m afraid.

I’m sad I spent quite some time to update my item’s previews when they announced that Elements makes use of higher resolution…