Prevent Sale Reserval

I want to suggest, all buyers must purchase via Envato’s credit; and buyers must upload fund to credits more than 3 months to be legal for purchasing

Six months maximum for reversals. So just to clarify… anyone who wants to buy something from Envato, would have to buy the relevant amount of Envato credits, and then wait six months before they can purchase the item?

Can’t knock you for considering potential solutions, but if they did that, Envato would be out of business in less than a year.

Just to be sure I am understanding you right - you are suggesting that:

  1. buyers can only use envato credit do no option to buy directly with a credit card etc.

  2. the credit has to be deposited 3 months prior to making a purchase?

as @SpaceStockFootage said - credit for giving ideas but just a few considerations…

  • if you make buyers wait 3 months then they will go elsewhere

  • the likely loss to both authors and envato would be devastating

  • what if the author removes the item in that wait period?

  • bear in mind that under T&Cs envato credits expire after 12 months. I’d imagine shortening this period further is not going to go down well!

  • so this idea pretty much irradicates any impulse buyer - a group who likely make up a sizeable part of sales

  • this approach would almost certainly result in growth of the warez/dodgey marketplace problem

Again at least you are putting ideas forward but:

  1. can you name one other marketplace that works like this?

  2. while I completely get the frustration behind sales reversals, in truth they account for a very small % of buyers and even if you did make people wait 3 months before using credits I’m not sure that would even prevent the problem.

It would actually increase reversals considerably. Not for the authors, they’ll be fine if the buyer has gone past the point of them being able to carry out a reversal, but they’ll go through the roof for Envato. The main reasons will be…

  1. The buyers gets fed up waiting
  2. The buyer no longer needs the item
  3. The buyer is broke so they need some money
  4. The buyer hasn’t actually received anything, so they’ll have no qualms about asking for a refund for whatever reason.
  5. As you mentioned, the item they wanted has been removed

And can you imagine how angry you’d be if you’ve been waiting 179 days to buy your $60 Wordpress theme… you’re all excited like Christmas morning as the day has finally arrived… and the author puts the price up by $10 so you have to deposit the extra and wait another six months!