Prevent rejections: free tutorials to get better

I see a lot of posts on the forums about rejections. Many composers have a hard time getting items approved. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe these tutorials can help you. I’m doing multiple videos about how to write music for film, tv and games. Showing you how I do things, how I compose, mix and master to get a good result. And an approved music track!

So if you’re in need of some (extra) knowledge, you’re invited! Happy to see you on Youtube!

This is my channel:

You’ll find tutorials about:

  • dynamics
  • balancing
  • panning
  • EQ-ing
  • Walkthroughs (Emotional, Epic and Orchestral Music)
  • and lots more :slight_smile:

Yesterday I uploaded a video about orchestration (introduction). In the upcoming weeks I’ll go more in depth. So if you want to know more about this topic, you’re welcome to join my channel.

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One of the things that will enormously help you to stop getting rejections on AudioJungle, is transcribing music from others and learn from that. For example music from the masters in orchestral music (John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith etc) and top authors on Audiojungle.

It all starts with -> are you able to recognize the instruments that are playing. To start with that I created a Challenge your ears video!

Want to know more about orchestration, composing and mixing etc.? Visit my channel and sub! Link is in the first post of this topic.

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Nice! :smiley: