Prevent Envato product description to convert url to mail:to

I am selling an item on graphicsriver and wanted to include a demo for it.

The website with the demo includes a “@” sign in the url which I assume envato recognizes as a mail address. However it’s not the case.

Is there a way to stop envato from converting the url into a mail:to address?

I’m currently using the following HTML code

<a href=""> Ninja Cats Character Animation Demo</a>

So after saving the above code in the item description when I click on it my default email will open or when I hover with the mouse on it the link is changed to



Please double check you have inputted
href="" and not href="mailto:".
You can edit again and make sure you have write link as: href=""


That is the problem. I am not putting any “mailto:” in front of the link. Envato automatically adds the mailto: in front of the url. I think it’s because the “@”

My only workaround this is to add the url as plain text and not as an actual link.

you can try to use:
instead @ character

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when i replace the @ character with &commat it cuts the link up to the place of it’s occurence. So becomes

Seems like envato is programmed this way. No real workaround other than putting the direct link in there. Anyways thank you for the approach.

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yes, just I have checked and you are right. So, just put the url there dodn’t use a tag. Thanks

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