Prestashop theme e-commerce without mega-menu !

surching for a Prestashop theme for 1.6 to 1.7 WITHOUT mega-menu ! I cant’ find it ! a Webmaster told me that mega-menu is not good for SEO, better menu in SILO (I don’t know if SILO is coming from english or french… maybe in english different word??)
I started to look for themes, until now, not only one without mega-menu…
Thank you forward,

Bad for SEO? Never heard anything like this but you could use the main features. Most of them supports “standard” menu as well

Hi, can you check our item:
The Look designed without megamenu and simple, minimalist. If you have any question, fell free contact us
Thank you

Thank you for your answer. I am not webmaster and don’t know nothing about themes…Tu use main features, what does it mean?? I know only that I need a new theme, because mine isn’t responsif and I should look for a theme for 1.6 to 1.7, my shop need an update. With the mega-menu, it was a webmaster who told that and today, surfing on internet I read an article who said the same. To say it very simple : bad because of all the thousands of links, destroing the siloing. But in the article he says too, it depends what kind of shop you have. for example if you have a very big shop it’s ok,but for smaller one, better silo menu.
Maybe check out, if you can find articles about this item. could be interesting. nice time

Thank you, I will look at it. I have a shop for kids. and as I need to update my shop, or refont, I would like a theme ok for 1.6 to 1.7, that I could keep it a bit longer… today I saw sometimes “minimalist”, what does it really means? I thought, that not alot of possibilities…thank you forward for answer ! For me that’s a new world… I am just the owner of my shop, and know nothing about themes… by Julia

You can take a look thí item:
It work with 1.7 and design for kid store, it also support megamenu but can disable to use basic menu.

unfortunately the link doesn’t work… And you are writing it’s for 1.7. But not for 1.6? As webmasters telling me that the 1.7 isn’t stable jet, better to take 1.6.2…

it’s ok now for the link !

…it’s also mega-menu…
by the way: does it existe themes where I could include videos on the homepage??

1.7 isn’t stable before but now it working perfectly. I think so and that why we build this theme on 1.7
About menu, it support megamenu but you can remove and use basic menu
About video from home page, it not support but if you want, we can do this customize with cheap price

ah ok, fine ! Thank you for answers ! Do you think it is a good idea to make videos on homepage??
And could you tell me where I can find all the freelancers?? It’s in Community maybe??

We will release this theme on Prestashop platform soon:
It support video home page and basic menu and I mean make video on home page is good idea.
If you want hire freelancer, you can go to website or contact us. We offer development work

I just took a look to your theme claue, but I don’t know, I cant’t “keep in touch” with it…

You wrote me that you too offer developement work. but it denpends also where are you !
I need somebody for a French webside, so speaking French and as I am German, I would love if speaking german too, but not imperatif !
Another developper told me that here I could find freelancers and looking for their languages. I couldn’t find this… Ok I saw the countries, but not even one french or german developper… I could’nt see alot of countries…

Hi Julia,

Check out VivaShop theme. Its without mega-menu and has clean design.
This theme will also be upgraded to Prestashop 1.7 in next month.