Presonus Studio One and Focusrite hardware

Hello, guys

yesterday I was trying Focusrute Scarlett 2i2 audiointerface, my DAW is Presonus Studio One 2

I was dissapointed with much number of blips pzs and oter different unpleasant sounds which were produced with my stuff. I tried 44.1 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz. And the result was the same. Please share your experience or any tips, how to avoid this, and configure my Scarlett, is it audiointerface or DAW defect?

for reference

My OS is configured for audio as it Focusrite web site shows.
My system parameters much higher than needed

Thanks :slight_smile:

Even if both devices are set to the same sample rate 44.1 48 etc… one needs to be set as the masterclock and the other needs to be set as a slave. This is usually done by setting the Daw to internal clock or sync and the scarlet to external clock or sync. The reason you were getting pops and clicks was because the syncing of their digital clocks did not match.

Thank you, brownhousemedia

I’ll try to synch them

I have a Scarlett 18i6 and works perfect with my setup. My main DAW is MuLab which doesn’t have any masterclock settings (or I’m too clumsy to find those).

If brownhousemedia’s solution doesn’t work, try to install the latest drivers and play with latency. settings.

Two hours I tried to find master clock settings in Presonus SO. I’m too clumsy to find it, too :slight_smile:

about latest version, yes already installed, and latency is about 5 ms. In 88.2 kHz - 5 Albino 3 synths, 2 kontakt applications (abbey road, and emotional piano), one spectrasonics trilian with live bass preset works not so bad, but it is one of my smallest recent projects :frowning:
And one more trouble, when I starts SO, it says “Focusrite Audio Driver couldn’t be initialized…” Then I press “repeat” and everything become ok

Sometime pops and clicks are caused when your computer can’t handle too low buffer/block size. Put a higher rate like 512 or maybe even 1024. When you’re mixing and using heavy plugs, that latency thing is fine.
Recording, set it as low as possible.

Hey Alex,

as you probably remember, I am also a happy Studio One User. I never had any problems with Studio One and my very old Terratec EWX 24/96 PCI soundcard, first on Win XP and since August this year on WIN 7 64bit, even though I am using old VISTA drivers, since Terratec doesnt feel the need to support their older products anymore (contrary to M-Audio’s Delta Audiophile 24/96, which also came out around 2001…, but sorry I digress).

Long story short: I bought Reason Essentials two weeks ago and it is actually the first piece of audio software which wont work at all with my old Terratec, so now I am forced to buy a new soundcard and I was thinking: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

I am actually planning to get it within the next few days, so hopefully I will be able to give you some feedback at the end of the week. Until then, I think I remember Russell Bell getting the Scarlett 2i2 lately, so hopefully he’ll read this and have some advice for you.

I’d love to try the Presonus Audioboxes, too, but the Audiobox in the comparable price range only goes up to 48kHz.

Hope you get that problem resolved quickly. Fingers crossed! Cheers!

Hey Basspartout, thanks for response, but I solve the problem :smiley:

I sold 2i2. What’s about new audiobox 22vsl? It’s something like 2i2 by the segment but has MIDI interface. And I think they’ll work fine together: SO and Audiobox :slight_smile:

Hey Alex,

well, selling it is one solution, lol. I myself, I’m in the middle of moving with my studio, so I have to invest in other stuff first and Reason and the new Soundcard have to wait until probably December. But I will definitely check out the Presonus AudioBox too. Cheers.

So I got the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 now. Installation no problem, works with Reason Essentials as well as my Presonus Studio One 2 64 bit perfectly, Latency is fine, no blips or unpleasent sounds whatsoever even with pretty small buffer sizes, sound is really great for that price… BUT!!!
now the big BUT!:

If I connect my Godin SG guitar and switch to the humbucker, it is not possible to reduce the gain in a way that in NOT distorts. And by distortion here we’re talking about an unpleasant one caused by the input gain of the interface being too high. :sick:

Guys!!Please!! Didnt anybody TEST this before throwing that thing on the market?!?!? Unbelievable! In order for the signal not to distort and my DAW(s) not to clip I either would have to switch to ‘line’ input or turn down my guitar, (both of course resulting in a sound loss or sound I dont want). This cant be true and this makes the interface worthless and I am going to return it. :impatient: Still cant believe it, but there are numerous posts in several forums of people reporting the same problem. Too bad, because apart from that, it really is a nice piece of hardware.

I’ve heard good reviews about the Scarlett 2i2 having great pre-amps, better than the other rival audio interfaces in the market. I thought of getting one myself, but now if there’s the big “BUT”, kinda hesitating.
Any other feedbacks from you guys?

Hey Basspartout, did you try to change line/inst selector? (May be a stupid question :slight_smile: but…)


yes, of course, I tried that, but then the sound - result is the same to when I simply put my guitar into the line input of my old crappy Behringer mixer. The instrument input of the 2i2 sounds really great with the single coils of my guitar. But it cant handle a humbucker and I read in enough other forums that this “bug” is pretty well known until now, especially with guitar players, of course, and they all advise to buy the new 2i4, which has a -10dB pad and an improved headphone output.
It costs 40€ more :tired: , so I’m either gonna go for the 2i4 or the Presonus Audiobox 22VSL which are in the same price range.

Hmm… now I don’t regret, that sold 2i2. That’s pity, but bad experience - is also experience. Please let us know what will you choose and, and your impressions about the interface work, Basspartout!

Is somebody using the Line6 UX2 Interface? (I think Gari does…) and could say where it stands compared to the other two mentioned. It’s a little less expensive and has many inputs.

6 days later:I also experience some dropouts from time to time, they dont happen often, but I never had to deal with dropouts before when working with my old PCIe card. I read it’s pretty common that USB audio interfaces have dropouts from time to time, and honestly, I still dont really trust USB for audio, when I see how fragile the whole USB management sometimes appears to be. If I change the samplerate for example, I also get an error message first, then I click on repeat and it usually works. No biggie of course, but all things I didnt have to deal with before

So now I’m thinking about using firewire. I see a firewire card is real cheap and focusrite and also tc electronic have some nice interfaces (anybody here using the TC desktop connect?)