Presentation advice and feedback


Hi everyone. I thought it would be a really nice idea to give each other presentation feedback/advice for our products on the market. Obviously we’ve got over a major hurdle of being accepted. But I think presentation on the preview thumbnail and preview images can be very important. Thought it would be a nice idea to share your product names on here and give each other feedback on whether you think the thumbnail preview or whether it could be improved? Do you think preview images are over complicated or to simple?

Hopefully this makes sense and will help everyone gain at least some more clicks and ultimately more sales.

I’ll start the ball rolling I have a robot image on the market at the moment (obviously have a look through my profile/portfolio to find it. Have a second item in review at the moment. Really not sure about the thumbnail and preview images at the moment. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and I will of course return feedback willing. Cheers guys look forward to hearing from you and helping others.


hi buddy, u are right the preview is important indeed , trying to make look good is a good idea anyway … :wink: