Preschool Footer

How do I make the Footer Full width. Also there are 3 footers, do i need to use all of them, can I choose not to show one or two of them?
I’m using the Preschool Nurseries and Kindergarten Themeforest Template.

Hi, you need to check the container CSS code written on frontend to make it full width
In Admin section you have to check, if option to enable/ disable footer

Thanks you, I think I have sorted the footer, I am having trouble working out how to send you a ticket to ask for more help, I cant work out how I did it alread.
The next problem is the Portfolio I wanted a gallery but cant work out how to get it to load filtered? Like Our Centre images on one page and Playground on another. So I made it a portfolio, I would liek to not show All Work the first tab and I am having trouble with the images not loading consecutively there are gaps inbetween the images with nothing showing?

Also this problem is a little bigger, I somehow lost the blue line of the MENU when I reduce the site to mobile? Which is now causing the menu to fade into the background and not be easy to select, also some of them are not working (only on mobile site)

Could you let me know how I show it to you?

thanks Karen

Also at the same time I lost the menu I seemed to loose the spacing behind the title bar, so to make up for that I added some empty space at the top to make the page start lower, so I think I have done it somwhere in the title page margins if that helps?
Which may have effected the mobile menu