Premium SEO Pack Plugin - support paid but its 16 days no response to ticket from

Hello Envato team,

Kindly take note that all is not well with Premium SEO Pack. I fell in love with this plugin over 9yrs ago, invested in 5 licenses, used them very effectively and told the whole world that PSP is better than Yeost SEO. Now for the past 1-2 yrs the support is almost nil. Still i recently paid for support renewal some $35 and raised a repeat of old issue which seemingly has surfaced. Ticket raised at support on 26th April. Its 10th May today and no response.

My whole suggestion to Envato team is that if the product is dead, please stop collecting support fees on it. Also, i dearly wish that PSP remains ticking and grow ahead and this is my deep hearted wish for them. However, if the worst scenario is panning out, let us all know. It would be sad to hear but we need to move on.



You have to wait or stay touch with @AA-Team or Contact AATeam they would like to assist you.
This is Community forum not a place of Envato Support.

Here is Envato market Support Team if you want you can get in touch with them and share about your problem