Premium Meme Generator / Maker Wordpress Plugin


I purchased Envato Elements today & downloaded this plugin.

  1. The plugin while downloaded is not updated to latest version.
  2. It of course not updated from within WP
  3. It asks for activation…

Please, at least keep the plugins updated
if you do not let it be updated automatically.
& if a license is needed for activation, please supply it,
or do not ask for it.



1 & 2. if you need to update the plugin then you have to download the plugin again from elements and have to collect latest version from the download and have to update manuallly using ftp/cpanel.

  1. Envato Elements don’t provide any purchase code. You don’t need any purchase codes to use Element’s items. You can just ignore any requests to enter one. please just ignore entering the purchase code and it will work fine for you.

Elements item don’t required purchase code. Elements is a subscribe base service Elements don’t sale Item instead provide unlimited Item download facility. Just You need to be registered the Item when completing the project.

If the item doesn’t work without entering one, please contact Elements support team here - Elements Support.


Thanks for reply,
However, about the update,
I wrote I had just download the plugin
& it was not updated,
Espesially, per your reply,
I had just downloaded again
but it is still an old version.

Again, I will appreciate if you will make sure it is updated,
Unless we play games here to waste time guessing if a plugin is updated.

Thanks anyway

May be the item is not included latest version till now. Hope item author will update the item soon with latest version bundle plugins.