Premiere Pro vs MOGRT Template

Hi everyone,
Is it allow to create a different version of premiere pro template and mogrt template.
That means if I have an after effects template, is it allow to create 2 different versions premiere pro version and mogrt version.

I dont think so. Because it s the same category.

There is the 3 variations rule, so the question is if this is considered a variation. @MotionRevolver can you give us an answer here what the rules are?

I face this issue, some client does everything insider premiere pro and they don’t want to install after effects for use mogrt. Even some clients want a refund for that.

@HasibFx Since the .prproj and .mogrt formats are built for the same program, authors are permitted to sell one, but not both formats.

Essentially, the same project can be duplicated for Ae, Pr/Mogrt, Apple Motion, and now Davinci Resolve – as long as all templates contain the same amount of customization features and level of execution.

Thank you sir

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