Premier Pro Template with pre-build sequence and .mogrt files.

Hello everybody!

Working on my new item came up with a problem. I would like to build it in Premier Pro using .mogrt files that I created in AE. The item itself would be combination of simple text animation and 3D renders. In the end I think the size of zip archive would be around 1GB, because of img sequences, and I will have dozen .mogrt files (each represents one scene), so my project will have modular structure.
I also would like to create a pre-builded presentation (on Premier Pro), that will fit music perfectly and give customers already made video, not just bunch of .mogrt files. And that’s where a problem came. When I put .mogrt file on timeline, Premier Pro create another file (extension .aegraphic). And the size of this file is equal to .mogrt (containing full img sequence). So if I make pre-builded presentation, I will also double the end size of zip archive. Instead of 1GB I will get 2GB, that’s not what I would like to do.

So what should I do? May be delete all .mogrt files and keep their .aegraphic copies, is it allowed on Envato? Or forget about the comfort of Premier Pro and Essential Graphics, and just create ordinary AE template?
Or I miss something and you have a better solution?

Maybe @MotionRevolver put some light on this. How to organize .mogrt files with Premier Pro pre-builded sequence without doubling the size of end archive?

Yes, if size is an issue, it sounds like you’ll need to offer this template as a .prproj file with the .aegraphic files linked as external media.

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Thanks for answer. That is the best option for me!

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