Premier League Football Predictions Contest 2017-2018

@scottwills , Very cool!) I won the badge!) I’m sorry that I started playing late, maybe I could have won something else!) But thanks a lot!))) :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:


PS: The other day I learned how to twist a ball on my fingers! :point_right::soccer:


Placed 21st :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all our winners! :tada::tada:

Wow! I had no idea how long a football season was until now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to announce our winners of this year’s prediction contest.

1st Place - Dima Merkulov
2nd Place - RADU Wdi
3rd Place - Konstantin Filobok

Now I’ll just have to try and track you down and get your t-shirt sizes and shipping addresses :smiley: If you can, please private message me and we’ll get things started.

I also have a ton of badges to hand out to our top 50. Please give me a bit of time while I try to track everyone down. Thanks!


I am at 11th position, hence: I am tracked down :slight_smile:

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On this screenshot i’m in 5th place, in the same place I finished season :smiley:


I’m very happy with the 7th place finish. Thanks for the badge, always wanted it :smiley: Also, congrats to the winners. :slight_smile:


I’m in 28th place :smile:


Really cool contest! I finished in 15th place :smile:. Thanks to all the participants and want to congratulate the winners!


I like that MAN. Hi is the BEST predictor. )

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I’m here 2 at 35 position

:slight_smile: It will be great if you award to 55

I took the 25th place!

● Awesome news…^^
#. I am at the 8th position.
#. Congratulation to all players…

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My place is 6, Thanks everyone, that was great competition !

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20th… Forgot to fill in the predictions for the last week, dammit!

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Congratulation to all players…

i joined very late in the week 25 now i’m in 52 place. i wish you will start new competition in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

I’ve added all the badges to the top 50 that I could find. Some of your names are too popular and I can’t find you :smiley:

If I’ve missed you, please send me a private message with your name and I will add your badge.



Just received the badge! Thank you!

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Received the badge!
Thank you! :grin:

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I received my shiny badge! Thanks!

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