Premade book covers

So I keep reading the evanto licensing terms over and over, and I think the answer is no, but I’m not 100% sure. Can evanto elements be used in a premade book cover? I know they can be used for personal use and to make things for a client, but what about selling premade?

Not if this is something that can be repurposed over and over again for different books/by different clients. In that scenario you would need to be redownloading/licensing every time

No, just one client per cover. The thing is that the project would be created before finding the client and not made for an existing client. In premades you design the cover, put it for sale somewhere like etsy then someone buys it for their book. I’m not sure if that is considered redistributing the elements.

Presumably you could take a design and customize it using generic / random content for the purposes of marketing the design

You would still need to redownload and license the template separately for as/when someone buys it

I have a similiar question. I would like to use photos, fonts, ad ons, graphics, and 3d images to make premade book covers. I license each item to the project as I build the book cover. When I find a client to purchase the end product, wouldn’t the it be sublicensed to the client? I will only sell a project once, as you cannot sell the same book cover more than once. Thank you for your help!