Pre-Subscribe Envato Elements Question?


I want to subscribe to Envato Elements but their cancellation policy is really weird and I don’t understand it. Since there is no guarantee that they will provide high quality items (and especially that the support will be flimsy the way I read it from Terms and condition) - will I be able to cancel my subscription if I simply don’t like the quality of files or if I don’t like the selection of what’s available?

If I simply change my mind - am I able to just cancel the subscription without waiting for Envato?

Ok, I just read that if I want to cancel my subscription I have to “write to the help team”. This is really really weird. Shouldn’t I be able to simply click in my account to cancel the subscription? On all websites where I pay subscriptions (Squarespace for example) I simply can click to immediately cancel my subscription.

Hey @Joannah12

You can cancel at any time directly yourself. It’s really simple, you can just hit cancel subscription via the my subscription page and it will not renew again. I’m curious, where did you read that you have to write to the Help team? :confused: - that’s definitely not the case! More info in our help center article here: