Pre-Submission feedback, I need you guys!

How about this track?

Sorry to say that, but chances are very slim. There is a lot need to be done to make it right.

Hi, it sounds good in terms of mixing and mastering, however the main melody sounds a bit boring/unappealing and infantile, additionally I think that this type of music is not much needed here on audiojungle until you made it a masterpiece. Before upload maybe try to make this track more serious in terms of melody, then you will have some chances, I think you have a potential because your sounds are mastered well, but maybe you should change a genre. Just look at the top authors on the audiojungle. I hope this helps. Regards, Marcin Klosowski

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For instance?

There are lots of simple melodies around there, mine’s not worse than anything else after all. I thought it was a good idea to mix the Orchestra, Dubstep and HipHop, but seems people aren’t open to news.

Sorry mate, felt a bit lazy at first time :smiley:
Anyway, you need to check a concept of a song, if you wanna go to that dubstep or something close, that main synths sound definitely need to be replaced.
Other thing is it’s a bit empty, even on a chorus part, some backing instruments or loops could really help it, they like busy mixes. I guess this is it, at least this is what i remember by listening your track. Which one is obviously down now.

I deleted the track for mistake, is online again though. However, as I wrote I thought was a good idea to mix some genres together, and a track hasn’t to be always full, powerful or who knows what. Then it’s a matter of tastes, so I appreciated your comment.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.