Pre-sales questions about images

Hi Colleagues and Envato Team,
Could you, please, let me know the details about my question:

The HTML5 theme is developed and is ready to be released on your marketplace. Please, let me know if I can attach to my main archive images to the assets under the CC license from such sites as and . The images are taken only from these sites, no other sources were used.

Thanks so much in advance!


Do not need to added images in to your client/purchaser file it’s not mandatory to use or add license for an HTML template.
you have to use image for demo purpose only.if any of purchaser or client want image or image license then you can provide images link from unsplash & pexels.
hope you understand.


Hi @unlockdesign, thank you for your answer.
Do I get it right that it’s not needed to add the images but I can do this? Or I don’t have such an opportunity?


You can’t added photo/images on client file Envato Reviewer Team will reject that cause they are not accept any images with client or purchase file all of themeforest item client file is build with placeholder images.

Got it! Thank you so much for detailed information.

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