Pre-sale question about "Gorgo - Community BuddyPress Theme for Writers & Readers"


I am planning to buy Gorgo - Community BuddyPress Theme for Writers & Readers" before buying I have a few questions, I tried getting help from and from Envato, no hope. I haven’t purchased this theme yet so I don’t have a product code. Hence I am not able to connect to the Author from themosaurus.

I have the following questions if anybody please take some time to look into it that would be really great and it will help me to make decisions.

  1. I can see this theme is only for WordPress, Is it possible to use/integrate this theme in a custom website created in Angular (not WordPress) if yes any article would be great?

  2. I was searching for the documentation, I can see the documentation only for WordPress, does the Author provides Bootstrap ( like documentation component vise?

  3. Is there any possibility to include the design of the Emails, Comments, and other missing components from the Medium original site?

FYI: I just want the theme, not the functionality.

If anybody can help me with the above questions that would be great, or you can connect me with the author if possible.

Quick response will be really appreciated and helpful for me to take decisions accordingly.

Suraj Yadav


You can ask your pre-question right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

Hi @unlockdesign, thanks for the link. I will post my pre-sale question in the comment.