Praise, Review and Cudos are in order....



There should be a special section on ENVATO, where exceptional Authors are highlighted.
I find that Praise is of equal importance versus Sales announcements. A few authors go way out of their way to help customers. This is now even more important, since new changes seem to are geared more toward the almighty dollar [which is of course also very important] - but leaving the authors that provide customer service, no matter what, somewhat out in the cold. Therefore, I am compelled to single out one of those authors on videohive.

Cudos are in order for the author BERYBUB: even after 3 years, he still provides customer service well beyond any expectations one could have. Not only is this one of the best authors on Envato but also one of the most skilled ones.

I love his work, but even more his incredible after sale customer attention. I can only highly recommend “berybub” whatever he produces is top quality and top customer service. A shining light in the forest of authors on ENVATO. He get’s my five stars anytime.