power point template hard rejected

always hard rejected

Impossible to give detailed feedback on an image which is so pixelated but even from this I can see you have all sorts of issues with typography, line height, spacing, positioning, consistency etc esp with the zig zag upward arrows

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Аs charlie4282 said there are lots of problem. But the worst part is that many of your graphic elements are flattened. Round objects became oval :fist_right: :large_blue_circle: :fist_left: :arrow_right: :flying_disc: This is a HUGE mistake. And it looks very bad

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hi u have so many issues here

1- execution
some things looks definitely too quickly executed and not in keeping with the high standards that there are here in such saturated markets

2- color combinations
not only are they not super original but in terms of harmony there could be better too

3- distortions
hard to identify if this is coming from the preview or the main file and execution but a lot of items seem distorted

4- breathings and white space
most of the slides are not inducing much reaching, especially not on top and at the bottom of every slide this is choking this looks crammed and thus not really aesthetic in the end …

5- text positioning
try to adapt text contexts and graphic elements and vice versa so that the final version of each and every slide looks harmonious , well structured , well though of and ultimately flawless and super pro …

6- contrast
some text that turn out to be important are hardly seen out of failing to contrast enough with the BG or the bullet under …

7- hierarchy of information
as evoked in point 6 u need to have a coherent sorting o information and the more information are important , the more they must be valued, pop out and so on , when, at the moment , u have some titles being less visible and readable than secondary text items …

8- readability
as mentioned in point 6 and 7 … what is the point to have some text or titles if they are not readable and / or springing out

9- finition
i recommend that u bring some shadows wherever u can possibly do so that the thing looks more credible and worked out definitely more realistic and pro …