Power Point presentations are important, should come photo ready!

Bought a few things here, must say it defeats the purpose for cost-effective and time-saving efforts without any stock photo. And ‘NO PHOTOS’ should be on top of the buy button, unless authors are making an effort for a quick sell. The options are limited to get stock photo ppt here, where I truly believe it would help. Because there are many free templates out there that comes with all stock photo. I just lost $40 and can’t even use one single dollar from these purchased templates. So disappointed, hardly have any funds on hand at this time but just lost money I cannot afford.

We do buy a lot of these files on graphicriver and almost every one says in the description that images are not included.

I can’t comment about other options to buy ppt containing the stock images but in most cases authors at not allowed to redistribute stock photos, and in the rare instances that they can, it either involves a very expensive license or poorer quality freebie images.