Power Elite Author - How about disabling badge of authors who dont provide regular theme updates?

I had a suggestion to keep the Envato - Themeforest themes up-to date from authors. To maintain the Power Elite Author the author must provide regular theme updates along with plugin updates that are part of the theme. The problem is that once author gets Power Elite Author some authors are not updating themes / inbuilt plugins even though multiple requests have been made. Specially with Wordpress 5.6 which has caused themes to break I would kindly request Envato to have a policy to keep the theme on the marketplace. If the author does not update the theme, Envato should remove the theme temporarily from the marketplace so that other buyers are aware that theme is not up to date.

Unfortunately, this is not correct for the authors. Of course, you can’t expect an expert developer to spend time on your personal request for free. It’s your site and you’re the one that must keep it updated, not the authors. If you don’t know how to do it you can always pay and hire a developer or keep an old WordPress version (which is never a security risk).

@Schiocco - This is not about updating my site. That I do it myself not an issue, but most themes come bundled with plugins like say Slider, Page Builder etc. Now some theme developers are quite fast, as soon as an update is released, they provide an update but some dont. Now when a new version of Wordpress launched, many developers fixed their theme code and provided update along with plugin updates. But some developers are not providing update.

I also disagree on this

keep an old WordPress version (which is never a security risk).

Updates on Wordpress are provided not just for feature updates, but also security fixes are provided, hence its a theme / plugin developers responsibility to see that their product works fine with the latest version of wordpress.

These are just my personal suggestions in making the envato theme marketplace better with better themes so that developers also take some steps in providing basic updates to their theme code & bundled plugins thus helping customers keep their site secure by updating to latest code.

Elite badge is really only about the number sales. It has nothing to do with the quality of the items.

However, there is a WP Requirements Compliant badge which is awarded to authors who keep all their WP themes up to date with the latest standards and that one can be taken away if the author is not maintaining their themes.

@LSVRthemes - Agreed partly its the number of sales. But how many have the WP Requirements Compliant badge? Hardly any developer has that. Even I dont see most top selling authors have that badge for their themes. Hence, most common seen badge is the Power Elite Author badge for high sales of some specific item. When a user sees that its from Power Elite Author they assume that it will be updated regularly given the high number of sales. When as a customer I purchase a theme for say $50-$70 etc I also expect that the theme be updated regularly or Envato should remove such authors from the marketplace (or atleast the themes they dont update) so that customers who spend this kind of amount are atleast guaranteed some basic updates. Old plugin bundles and codes also cause compatibility and security issues when running a site. Its just my suggestion or you or any members can definitely suggest something better if my suggestion is not practical or feel its not right.

I do not disagree, but there is quite a lot of authors who have WP Compliant badge. It is a still minority of course, but plenty of items to choose from from these authors. I would also love for Envato to remove all the outdated stuff, and they seems to be working on that, but it will take some time.