Potential Fraud...

I am just curious if this was a wide-spread issue and if any other envato customers have experienced this as well.

I purchased the wordpress plugin HeroMenu yesterday. Went through all of the steps and was told that I would be charged $20 to my card. When I checked my billing statement this morning looking for something else, I noticed that envato actually charged me $22 instead of $20, despite the price saying $20 yesterday, $20 at time of purchase and $20 the day after.

One $2 increase in my bill is not really anything major, but if they are adding in unknown and unmentioned “fees” anywhere to everyone across the platform, that is some major fraud.

If you have purchased anything from envato, I would recommend checking your billing statement to see if you were charged the price you agreed to pay.


that $2 is your purchased Handling fees. and it should to show you when you will go to checkout in Order Summary and also in your statements/invoice.


I see the handling fee in the statement, but when purchasing it said that it would charge $20 to the card, which was why I put $20 into that account. I keep only enough money in that account as purchases made online and if I hadn’t been checking on something else I would have missed the extra $2 and would have been charged a $35 overdraft fee.

have you not checked Order Summery to see total values. Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/om6jki
In order summery all price will show with a total value.

Yes indeed there is a fee, but its visible!