Potential customer requesting W8-BEN form before purchase


We recently got an interesting pre-purchase request. The potential customer wants a copy of our W8-BEN form (originally wanted the W9, but we are non US authors) for whatever reason. Is it safe to give a copy of it? Isn’t the W8 form confidential? Is this a normal procedure for US businesses?

Any advice is appreciated.

Ernest M.

I dont think this is a normal procedure that document is something between you and the IRS.

Have you asked them why?

Not yet, currently they only sent one email asking for W9, to which we replied we are non-us based business. Then they asked if we have a foreign tax number and a W8-BEN which we can send.

Well, foreign tax number i understand they need it, but the w8 i dont. But i am not an expert in this.
I hope any other can help with this.