Posts do not open

I bought the Edmund - Responsive Education WordPress Theme, but now the outhor doesn’t help with a small problem that i have.

My problem is that when I click to open a post, this post does not open. I already tried the Permalink Settings, erased all the posts and checked all the slug permalinks. Can someone help me?

The site is for a client of mine who is very demanding and important

Best regards,
Rui Miguel

Can you post a link to one of your pages? Check your console for any errors also disable all plugins.

try checking the a href tag there might be no code for the permalink.


Disable the coming soon page, I cant check anything.

sorry :slight_smile:

The permalink link in the text editor of the post also does not work

Most probably is the plugin you are using right now to show the coming soon page, disable this plugin and it should work.

The problem here can only be with the plugins that you have right now activated, you can try to disable one by one to see who is doing this.


Thanks for the tip.

I deleted the plugin coming soon page but the problem keeps up.
On the Server I changed the name of the folder “plugins” to “plugins_old” and i created a new empty folder with the name “plugins”. As the site crashed because it did not have two core plugins (Apus Framework and Download Manager) I moved them to the “plugins” folder. The site has been up and running, but the posts error remains.

This problem only appeared a few days ago, that is, it was already possible to click on “see more” and open the complete post.

I do not understand what it might have been. Can you please give me another tip?

Best regards,
Rui Miguel

Can you try to right click on a post name/likn an click on open in a new tab, do you see the post?

This is very strange, usualy there is a conflict with one of the plugins, something is messed up in .htaccess or the theme has some problems.

I discovered the error.

The author-bio.php file had a small bug and was not allowing the full post page to load.

Many thanks for the tips.

Best Regards,
Rui Miguel