Post the most impressive comment you got on an item

Hi mates,

what was the best or worst comment(s) you received on your item?

The one and only worst comment of a buyer was fortunately taken away by envato. He tried kind of blackmail me. Rated the track 1 star and wrote that he would be a regular buyer when I’d do custom work on that track for him because he didn’t liked several things. just weird

This one was as well from a buyer on the track “Still In Love”, I was pleasantly surprised:

My name is Angela and my husband, Greg, bought this song for me to use in a live theater production in Oklahoma City. What I loved about this song the way it started so sweetly and builds to an amazing and emotional climax, while maintaining the thematic integrity throughout. It truly is a musical representation of meeting and falling in love. At the same time, I felt that it was also good for a scenario in which a situation presents itself and choices are continually made whether to pursue more depth or turn away. This could be in any kind of substantial crossroads and we actually used it for this purpose. If you are considering a voice-over, read it over this music. You will see how much it adds to the entire scene. Absolutely beautiful.

And this one from Jamie “JBlanks” on the track “New Inspiration”:

What great work Udo!! This is amazing. You have done an excellent job here my friend. Stunning and really beautiful. :slight_smile:
One of my all time favourite tracks on AJ. It’s just wonderful Udo. So many reasons I like this track. :slight_smile:

What are your most impressive comments on your items?

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I had one guy abuse me and tell me to go eat a pizza. That was kinda funny.


Really funny. :open_mouth:

How about some good comments? :wink:

Got one impressive comment from my new plugin Extended Widget Options for WordPress this month.

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i had a cool message one day, a guy , after i tried to leave a positive comment to him on his freshly approved item, answering, "are u going to comment all my item , basteeeerrd ", with this exceptional language skills that u can read (this is the original message) lol i guess that he was pleased to be part of a community lol


Haha, crazy…

You “tried” to leave a positive comment? What did you write? :grinning:

Very kind comment and obviously good work! :slight_smile:

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no i dont but if i ever have no positive things i do not comment anything anyway …

One of my best comments!!! :grinning:

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Hey, sorry, forgot about this thread for a while.

@MassDream Nice one! :+1: Which item was it?

“HAHAHAHA for 33$ it’s a joke??? There is only a comp in 4k, the map markers aren’t animated, your comp of 114796269 with… a solid??? It’s really a joke no?? What the f** 33$ !!!”

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