Post / Page Restriction Plugin - Front end and Back end


Hey all! I’m looking for a plugin that can do the following, and am hoping one exists instead of having to roll my own.

Back-end Restrictions

  • Authors can be restricted to one or more categories
  • Authors cannot see posts in categories they are not assigned to
  • Authors can see all posts within their assigned categories

Front-end Restriction

  • Subscribers can be restricted from accessing specific categories
  • Subscribers can be restricted from accessing specific posts or pages

We are using different roles (marketing user, marketing admin, sales user, sales admin, etc.) which need to have different content restrictions

We are using WordPress as an intranet and we want to restrict different departments to post within their own categories to stop them from messing with other people’s content. On the front end, not all users should have access to all published content. We’d prefer to find a single plugin that can handle both front end and back end restrictions, but if we have to use two that is fine.

Thanks in advance!