Post online an excel sheet type of document, to share - looks pretty



Hi guys, I have an excel sheet that I update every other day and have to send it to a large mail out. I am tired of always editing it on Excel, then attaching and sending in email.

I also want to make it look prettier.

I was thinking of Google Docs or Google Sheets, and put it in there. Then always edit it online and it updates on its own and I can also just send the link of it for people to view.

The second option is if anyone knows anything prettier, like something else I could use and it could look more slick, almost like an admin panel or something smarter and prettier?

Any ideas

It is a typical excel sheet, with figures and names and dates and it gets updated by myself every other day, and I send it to approx 250 different emails.

Any ideas what to do or use to make it better looking then just an excel sheet as well as more easier to do manage instead of always editing / saving then attaching the same excel sheet every other day to send to emails.