post card upload able ?

Hello !

that post card quality is good for upload ?

hi sorry to tell u just this but it will be rejected in a second …

here are the reasons why …

1- colors
i do not know if u realize this but it takes to people to put glasses on so tat they can have a look at your work lol kidding lol but quite frankly this is very flashy and aggressive and to be honest i am also wandering if u are using cmyk colors …

2- contrast and readability
the fact often matter is that u are breaking a basic design principle as the contrast is not ok and some of your text are not popping out from the background … they are even not very readable to say the least (especially the white one on the yellow BG …)

3- typo
the typo is way too flat and lacking originality and combinations indeed … here it looks like that they consider the typo as the most important thing of all andypur right now needs a lot of improvement to be honest …

4- alignment
sorry to tell u just this but the positioning of your icon is not the right one … the way u did at the moment does not only look strange but this is also creating misbalance and rater a “choking effect”

5- global style
let’s face it u do not have much graphic design here and u really need to push the envelope at this stage …

6- global harmony
if u wanna know how i feel the beautiful landscape picture is generating a style , the problem u have not followed it at all and what u have done is completely dissonant with it …

7- too weak hierarchy
let’s face it the main title and a few other things are just not outstanding enough and they do not look like important items right now , u need to bring much effort to change just this

8- logo
well sorry to say just this but pls take the time to try to create a decent “fake logo” at this stage no one “can buy it” , u should have something that helps your item to look good and what u have right now is the other way around …

9- too much emptiness
especially in the information / post card side this is really too empty there is not graphic element at all apart from some misplaced icons, this is definitely not even , think about it , why would anyone buy such an item as such ? any can redo this side in less than 2 minutes , so basically , if by some miracle your item could have made it , people would simply not buy it and choose to redo it on their own to save money … keep in mind that commercial potential maybe a reason fro reviewers to reject an item …

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Thank you so much.

I m not sure how can I become such a good designer and can be able to make great design…

I m so depressed man! :pensive:

there is a french saying buddy , this is saying that Rome city was not built within a day … if u understand the message behind it , this basically means that building something huge is not done overnight … being a good designer in this case takes (much) time … it will take u time, efforts, tears, sweat and countless working hours (including sleepless nights, too) but in the end u will manage , in time, to what u wanna be … here is what i advice u … be obsessed with what u do … give 1000% of yourself, push the envelope … see a lot of things that are made , watch a ton of tutorials, practice for hours and always try to push farther your own limits …
u know this place is not a get-rich-quick thing and this profession is something really tough … especially if u ever get in an agency … u will have tons of people sending buckets of mud in your face , you will be disparaged, people will do as if they can do as well as u do and so on , or as if their small 5-year old nephew can do as well as u do because the kid is using a computer … what i try to explain is that expecting the very worst very graphic design is very close to reality … if u are not ready for all this , choose something else or get ready to fight like a lion


just follow the instructions … pay attention to what u are told , do your best

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You are amazing man!

Thank you so much.

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thanks so much buddy