Post card design

Here is my rejected post card design .

hi buddy
if this time u had an effort for icons, indeed, u always have the same mistakes as usual …
basically here is once again what u have to improve …

1- typo
too flat, not original enough and not combining fonts enough //

2- hierarchy
as variations are lacking the hierarchy is way too flat too … u need to introduce more variations of fonts, colors, decoration and so on …

3- fake logo
come ! invest some time to do some decent logo buddy! this is ridiculous! not only texts are almost invisible but there is no graphic design at all in it …

4- global style
this is too graphic design-proof … don’t stick to these minimalistic things … blocks of texts and colors and single picture … think about it, why would anyone buy this?! a guy who know how to use the photoshop tool would need not over 15 minutes to redo it … so reseller (and thus potential pro designers susceptible to buy) would take 5 minutes to redo this … this is lacking originality a lot!

5- contrast and readability
if u are not completely violating this basic design principle at least the text is really not popping out and even sometimes a bit hard to read … so what is the purpose of the flyer if infos cannot be read?

6- b side
quite frankly there is nothing at all in this side … do something out of it …

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love it bro… :blush:

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