Possible to sell individual custom theme demos for existing themes?



Is it possible to sell custom made theme demos? For example, I use the Total theme by WPExplorer. I want to make my own demo for this theme. It will include images, layouts, content, etc. I can then export the xml, export the theme options, and bundle any images needed, then package it up and sell it as a stand alone demo for the Total theme. This could go for any existing theme on the marketplace. I think there’s a lot of room for other designers to create awesome demos based on other author’s themes.

I doubt this type of marketplace item exists yet, but is it possible to allow custom demos of other author’s themes to be sold individually? Is that ethical, or within the copyright? I’m sure a lot of buyers would love to see this as a category on ThemeForest.

Thoughts? Thanks.


No you can’t for several reasons including that you would need author’s permissions, what would happen if technical changes were needed/prevented your demo working, who has to support it, buyers would need both a copy of the original parent theme and to buy your demo file and more.

the closest thing you can do is a Child theme for LayersWP (i.e. a free page builder and not a premium theme).


You can’t do that, but I must admit this is a very original idea :slight_smile: