Possible reasons for rejection - Help

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on taking royalty free music as a serious job, these are one of my first uploads in AJ, I appreciate helping me why they have been rejected:

The Ladder:

Happy Learning:

No Place for Sorrow:

I got this very general comment from approver, that didn’t help me identifying the problem in detail:
"This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately. "

I also tried to re-submit (happy Learning) after a change in re-mastering and with simplifying the backgrounds and harmony and I received this warning (the link above was the new version):
“This is a resubmission of a previously rejected submission. Resubmitting without making any changes or improvements to distinguinsh the track as an entirely new item is not considered acceptable use of the Envato markets and repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship.”

I have read the standards of mixing/mastering/composition many times trying to locate my problem and I’m still not sure, I’m very frustrated, this is not a good start, especially that I’m working seriously and hard on my Royalty Free Music project, I have many other tracks ready for submition, but I’m still hesitant to submit them because I don’t want them cheaply rejected before knowing what’s wrong, I don’t know what’s wrong and how my compositions are any different in quality than the ones written by other composers in AJ.
I appreciate your help.

I just noticed that the submitted preview track of “happy Learning” did not have a AJ’s watermark, can this be a reason for rejection?
What happens if I re-submit a previously rejected track for a third time but with fixes? will I also get a warning?

If a track is hard rejected, leave it a and work in other project. It´s not the final. You can write a lot of good songs that likes to AJ or other platforms. Do not bet everything on a song. Good luck next time!

There are good ideas but nedds more production and improve the mix.

Regarding Happy Learning - Guitar sample sounds very fake (needs the notes to be strummed rather than all hit at once, at the very least), Early on you have a sine-tone esque which is very problematic. Your glock/vibes sounds have a similar sine tone issue. String samples near the beginning are too quiet, they sound a bit random because of it. The elements which go through the big delay tend to be too loud and don’t blend in well with everything else. Overall the track feels very repetitive, even for just 2 minutes. Is it the same 4 chord progression through the whole thing? Overall, I’m not hearing anything that would really qualify as a bass line, which might just be a volume thing, or you don’t have an actual bass line, I can’t tell.

Thank you for the feedback, yes I noticed the Bass line are missing.
I will work on making my mix and composition cleaner next time. Thank you. noted :smile:

Thank you for the advice, I already dropped those as soon they are rejected, but I need to hear some critiques to understand why they are rejected so I don’t repeat the same mistakes again and waste time and effort.
Thank you

Your track ‘The Ladder’ sounds nice, it has a good stereo field and the mix sounds pretty good. It does get a little repetitive though so maybe try cutting out the bass in parts, adding bridges and some effects to tie everything in a bit better.

‘Happy learning’ needs a bit of work. Some of the sounds such as the guitar elements sound too loud so I would tone them down a bit, and also make them less dry. The pad sound overcrowds everything a bit and doesn’t always harmonise with the rest of the sounds so this is the most crucial bit that needs attention.

‘No place for sorrow’ sounds fine imo, it seems that some reviewers are quite picky unfortunately. Maybe use a multimeter to check for any peaking frequencies. Also it helps to have the industry standard RMS for your song. This can vary depending on genre and can be detected on most limiters.

Just keep at it because your content is really good! Work on your mixdowns and mastering and your sure to get tracks accepted!

Sorry if this isn’t specific enough, but the overall sounds of your tracks have a ‘cheap’ feel to them. Your mixes need to pop more. More crisp and clarity. Right now, it’s a bit dull. “Inspirational1” can be mixed better where the instruments cut through more. I think this can be done by carving out some space from the strings so that the drums pop more. “Happy Learning” just sounds cheaply made. Work on making those sounds sound a bit more human.

Hope this was helpful.