Possible Malware inside SiteSao Woocommerce Products Layouts

My computer and Google Chrome is advising me to not download the most recent update for,
Woocommerce Products Layouts, and more about this plugins is very bad programmed and it does not do nice job with my needs it says that create a custom category for my woocommerce category but it turns all my layout in a total mess and change all my CSS do not display all sub-categories and also do not so i spend money with something that did not work for me , an i was thinking to ask a refund from it how can i proceed ?

Support from SiteSao just reply dummy questions, asked why messs wiht my Layout why did not display sub category , and the answer was just follow Please follow setup of page, that i already did and does not work …
they ask for ftp and other credentials several times to get some days to reply !

This is an issue across all items right now. See here:


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