Possible False Advertising of Features and delivering bad plugins with theme

Will make this a two part topic, as the mods may want to split this

Part 1: Possible False Advertising of theme features:

We just purchased a new theme that showed in the theme details photos information on the sales page, that it had saved searches. We have the image that we viewed showing and saying it had the feature and after we purchased the theme and contacted the author, they said we are confusing it with another theme that they have also that does have the saved searches feature…

We all discussed it before we even purchased it and several of us view it on their sales page
. Went to look this morning and did not see the feature listed in the photos.

We can upload the photo and specify the author and theme, and feature, if that helps, as right now, we are still awaiting an explanation and response when we asked about 8 hours ago, what was up and what are they trying to pull on us.

Part 2: A plugin shipped with theme was outdated version and theme required the current version, though update for this plugin was the outdated version and would not even update.
So Author sent us link to download the correct version number to fix, though they did not even try to install it, or they would have got the fatal error message, as it does not install.

Little concerned that all the other users of theme are having to deal with this issue and not very please with the authors way of resolving it, as everyone should be able to update it to the correct version, without going through all this, submit a ticket and told to delete and install and does not even work, when should just be able to update.

Anyway, between the two parts of this topic, it has us wondering if we made the correct theme choice now, if this is acceptable here and something to expect.