(Possible) Copyright violation - Looking for advice

Hey guys and girls,

I recently had a client buy a track and was checking out the other work they have done on their YouTube channel.

I realized that some of their videos were using repeat tracks quite often. They aren’t mine but they are another Author on the site that I follow so I recognized the music.

Am I correct in assuming that the buyer has to purchase a new license for each video / if so how do I go about alerting the author to the fact that the videos might be using a single license?

The videos aren’t registered with AdRev so I’m not sure if the author knows.

I’m not even sure if it’s a responsibility of authors to look out for other authors in this way?

Any advice?

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A standard license can cover up to 52 episodes / videos for online purpose. So I think it’s not a violations except they use the track in a tv commercial with just a standard license :smile:


The different videos are advertisements for different houses the buyer has listed on the market. Would that class as a different product each time? I guess each house is technically a new advertisement.


The track has only been re-used once or twice. I’m not sure if lawyers need to get involved. :slight_smile: I just thought I’d ask to see if that was OK or something the author should know about.

Thanks for the advice though!

The person suggesting you should see a lawyer was actually a lawyer, so he might have had a vested interest in the advice provided! Nothing worse than people trying to take advantage of others with the guise of providing advice.

But still… I heard that purchasing stock footage related to space, astronomy and sci-fi makes the licenses a lot easier to understand :wink:

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Hahaha… “Look to the heavens for guidance” kinda thing right? :smiley:

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